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Door Locks

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Mortice Door Locks

Key2Secure offer a comprehensive range of door locks for all timber doors, partially glazed doors, external and internal doors.

We have a comprehensive range of mortice locks for timber doors, including British Standard 5 lever locks, which offer the maximum level of security for external timber doors.  Mortice locks are installed inside the door, and there are a range of sizes, security levels and functions, which you need to consider before you make your purchase. We have an extensive stock of mortice door locks and we will happily advise you on the best lock to meet your needs

A Deadlock features a bolt which is operated by a key, and is often used in conjunction with a nightlatch.

A Sashlock features a bolt and latch and is for use with door handles.

Quick Tip : To check the size of your existing lock, without removing it from the door! Measure the distance from the keyhole to the edge of the door. If the distance is 45mm you will need a 64mm/2.5" mortice lock - If the distance is 57mm you will need a 76mm/3" mortice lock.


Mortice Sashlocks - 2 Lever

Mortice Sashlocks 3 Lever

Mortice Sashlocks 5 Lever

Mortice Sashlocks 5 Lever

British Standard BS3621

Oval Sashlock

Oval Locks - Sashlocks

Rim Mortice

Rim Mortice Sashlocks

Euro Sashlock

Euro Lock - Sashlocks


Mortice Deadlocks - 2 Lever

Mortice Deadlocks 3 Lever

Mortice Deadlocks 5 Lever

Mortice Deadlocks 5 Lever

British Standard BS3621

Rim Mortice

Rim Mortice Deadlocks

Euro Deadlock

Euro Lock - Deadlocks

Oval Deadlock

Oval Locks - Deadlocks

Rim Cyclinder

Rim Cylinders

Euro Cylinders

Oval Cylinders


British Standard Nightlatches


Digital Locks

Digitally Coded Locks

ERA Security Bolt | Key2Secure

Security Bolts

Internal Door Chains

Sliding Door Bolt

Internal Door Bolts - Sliding

Door Handles | Key2Secure

Door Handles

KickPlate | Key2Secure

Kick Plates

WC Bathroom Door Lock | Key2Secure

WC / Toilet Locks

Door Frame Timber Lock ReInforcements

Bedroom Locks

Additional Door Lock ReInforcements

Door Pulls

Letterboxes for Doors

Door Hinge Bolt | Key2Secure

Door Hinge Reinforcements

Brands that you can Trust

Key2Secure have a extensive stock of all types of Door Locks and accessories, all from trusted, valued brands and manufacturers, that you can trust for quality, durability and security including the following:

  • Yale
  • Chubb
  • Union
  • Era
  • Willenhall
  • Asec
  • Aldridges
  • Ingersoll
  • Legge
  • Maxus
  • CarlF
  • Cisa
  • Zone
  • Sks
  • Eclipse
  • Imperial
  • Guardian
  • Securefast
  • Excel
  • Euro Spec
  • Zoo

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