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Statistics reveal that the average cost of a burglary is £2,300*, and with Christmas just a few weeks away, this figure is only going to increase as homeowners purchase the latest gadgets and gifts for the festive period.

cropped-Logo512x.pngKey2Secure recommend that homeowners’ protect these additional items, by providing helpful tips and advice for the best security solutions. All too often items are left lying around the house in full view of potential thieves.

Computers, cash, electrical goods and jewellery are among the most commonly stolen
items in domestic burglaries and, as a result of our love for gadgets, the average cost of a burglary has risen by 40% over the last three years**. With the latest game consoles, phones or tablets at the top of many Christmas wish lists, homes across the UK provide rich pickings for burglars at this time of year.

However, it is not just festive purchases that are at risk. It is often the sentimental and personal items that can be destroyed in a burglary that can cause the most upset; for example, a family heirloom, children’s’ drawings or even photographs.

Replacing , upgrading your locks and keys or adding simple additional security  products, like padlocks, latches and chains to doors and windows can provide an effective additional deterrent, so it is well worth investing in reviewing and updating your home security.

For more information on how to update your home security and for additional tips and advice call us or alternatively pop in to our Shop in Worcester for a chat.

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