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Have you broken in to your own home?

Leaving keys at work, locking them in the house or hearing the door accidentally swing shut have been cited as the main reasons for having to resort to breaking in to your own home.

Many homeowners have resorted to desperate, and sometimes dangerous measures to enter their own home after being locked out.

Check out the top ten most common ways for Brits to break into their own home:

  1. I climbed in a through window that was left open
  2. I smashed a window in to gain entry
  3. I broke down the door
  4. My partner broke down the door
  5. One of my children offered to go through a window
  6. I used a plastic card to ‘swipe’ down the door
  7. I used a ladder to climb up to one of the bedroom windows
  8. My partner managed to climb through a window
  9. I smashed open a lock
  10. I snapped the chain lock

How easy was it to break in?

Just think if it’s this easy for you to break into your own home, how easy is it for a burglar? With the dark winter evenings in full force now is the time to look at your own security and make sure your home isn’t an easy target.

The Good news is that you don’t always have to resort to destructive methods to gain entry to your home. At Key2Secure our locksmiths can usually regain entry without resorting to damaging your property (non-destructive entry). As a last resort, if entry needs to be forced (destructive) we can usually do it with a minimum of fuss and damage. More importantly we can repair, replace any locks and provide replacement keys, so your home is quickly made secure again.

Make your home safe and secure

So if you you are reading this having tried to gain entry, call us now. If you need to made you home safe and secure again call and we can arrange to fit replacement locks and keys.

Remember we are the key to making you feel secure again.